Hi - Tech companies
       Sparkolor Inc.

About: Sparkolor is a manufacturer of tunable optical components for telecommunications and data communications applications. Website: www.sparkolor.com
Case: When Sparkolor started in June 2000, they only had 5 laptops. Kevin was hired in August 2000, purchased/set up 4 servers, 80 workstations, and an entire network system from ground up.

       LAUMC (Los Altos United Methodic Church)

About: Los Altos United Methodist Church is a 2,500 member, multi-staff church located in the heart of Silicon Valley of Northern California. Website: www.laumc.org
Case: In mid 2000, LAUMC main server is exceeded 95% capacity. The backup server was freezing twice a week. Kevin was hired to reset main office core system; migrated mail server to a new server with 30 main workstations with a wired and a fiber to wireless system. BACS is still working for LAUMC as out source troubleshooter.

  Law offices
       Smith & Walsh
Case: Smith & Walsh law office had a system running for number of years, when they are ready to change to a new system, they hired Kevin to move all data to a new server. Let Kevin to set up their network, firewall, file and email system.
  Dental offices
       San Francisco Center of Oral & Facial Surgery     

About: SFCOFS is using specific dental/medical equipment for Oral & Facial Surgery needs.
Case: BACS manages SFCOFS's system since year 2000. In the year 2000, most of the computers in the office were more than 4 years old. In the year 2000 to year 2002, BACS has faced out more than 50% of the workstations to PIII, P4 computers. In year 2009, Kevin replaced most of the computers.