Hi - Tech companies
       Alta Microtec, Inc
       Sparkolor Inc.
       CALPIRG (CALPIRG Publick Interest - Main and SF offices)
       Children's Rack, Inc
       LAUMC (Los Altos United Methodic Church)
  Law offices
       BARKLEY Court Reporters
       Smith & Walsh
  Medical/Dental offices
       Cherry Chase Dental
       DDS Dominguez, Inc
       DDS Yucel's office
       DDSO Dental
       Dr. J. Ronald Hess, M.D. (Neurology, EMG, EEG)
       Pacific Bay Dental
       River Oak Dental
       San Francisco Center of Oral & Facial Surgery
       Alliance Dental & Orthodontics
       Prosthetic Dentistry
       Marcus M. Ansari, D.M.D.
       Susie Shin D.D.S., F.A.G.D.
       Caroline Yong, M.D.
       The Center for Colorectal Health
       Khosrow Sigaroudi, DDS, MS
       Norberto Li, D.D.S.
       Regal Dental Ceramics, Inc.
       Mohamed Ali, D.D.S.
       Jenny J. Chen, D.D.S.
       Edward Zhao, D.D.S.
       Matthew R. Young, D.D.S., INc.
       Bardley P. Clark, D.D.S., Inc.
       Marten Clinic of MCPS Plastic Surgery
       San Francisco Implant Institute
       Itani Dental San Francisco
       Jonathan A. Oristil, D.D.S.
       Kathy Noordeh, D.D.S.
       Longevity & Vitality Medical Institute
       Miguel A. Delgado, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.
       ABBA I. TERR. M.D.
       Jonathan A. Oristil, D.D.S.
       Panaite Periodontist
       Tamir Wardany DDS and jack Sherman DDS
       Patty Ehsan, DDS
       Suzette M. Villanueva, D.M.D.
       Caroline Yong, M.D.
       Panaite Periodontist
       Gorgeous Smile Dental
       One hundred more in the list, will be provided upon new customer's request