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Bay Area Computer Service is a registered computer consulting company.
Our Mission is to provide computer services to small businesses throughout the Bay Area.

Our Mission:
To provide computer services to businesses throughout the Bay Area.


We are Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP), delivering a full range of professional services for your daily computer needs: emergency and trouble shooting services, virus protection, and systems set-up. In addition, we network your computers and create your corporate e-mail system.

"We work with a tech named Kevin Kuang who comes out of Silicon Valley. He's been wonderful for us, coming in on short notice and diving into the most challenging problems without hesitation. Kevin is a true perfectionist whose range of capabilities is huge. The invaluable help he's offered on complex server issues has enabled us to operate at optimal capacity. On a personal level, Kevin is consistently patient, considerate, and extremely personable."
Doug Roberts
Tutor Community Manager
Real Time Learning

“...They were like a CIA squad! They fixed the problem in ten minutes! Previously, we had someone come out and, after two hours of work, she said it was broken, couldn't fix it, and yet still charged us! What a contrast with the these guys who were amazing!”
Tom Deirtner
Office Manager
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